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Founded in 1995, Voices of the South is a Memphis based non-profit theatre company that creates, produces, and performs theatre from diverse Southern perspectives. With deep roots in Narrative Theatre, our work includes award-winning new plays and adaptations of literature.

Mission Statement

To create, produce and perform theatre from diverse Southern perspectives.

Core Values

To cultivate and produce new works by Southern writers.

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Our People

Alice Berry Artistic Advisor & Co-Founder
Gloria Baxter Company Liason
Patrick Peder Brue Past President
Susan Lattimore Treasurer
Jerre Dye Company
Jenny Madden Executive Advisor & Co-Founder
Sandy Kozik Secretary
Mary Peebles Past President, Parlimentarian
Rachel Knox President
Tiffany McClung Company
Virginia Matthews Company
Steve Swift Company
Todd Berry Company
Alice Berry Company
Jenny Madden Company
Gloria Baxter Company
Pat Mitchell Worley Development Consultant
Gayle Moore Financial Specialist
Jim Lattimore 1st Vice President
Keegon Schuett 2017 MCTF Performance Intern
Layne Crutsinger 2017 MCTF Administrative Intern
David Couter 2017 MCTF Guest Artist
Brittni Taylor Rhodes 2017 MCTF Performance Intern
Truman Jepson 2017 MCTF Performance Intern
Landon Ricker 2017 MCTF Performance Intern
Grace Berry 2017 MCTF Administrative Intern
Lindsey Stanfill 2nd Vice President
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Voices of the South

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